1338 S. Valentia Street, #100
Denver, CO 80247
is the owner and Copper Kettle's head brewer. Jeremy has been a homebrewer with his wife Kristen for years and decided to uproot from Raleigh, NC and put his engineering and brewing experience to the test by opening Copper Kettle Brewing Company in 2011. Jeremy has his Ph.D from NC State in material science engineering and has found many similarities between his degree and brewing. Jeremy's favorite styles of beer are Belgians and Germans. 
is the owner and office manager of Copper Kettle. Kristen is also a registered nurse for the Childrens Hospital Colorado where she works part time. Kristen is responsible for managing the daily operations of the business, along with wearing multiple hats around the brewery as needed. Kristen is also an experienced ballet dancer from her previous life. She'll never turn down a beer if it includes chilling out in her backyard with Jeremy and their dog Charlie. (Our regulars call her "K1")​. 
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1338 S. Valentia St. Denver, CO 80247 | 720-443-2522

The idea behind constructing this business was to create what America seems to have lost, the traditional neighborhood brewery in which customers know one another. While we know we can't re-create the set of Cheers, I'm sure we'll see a few Norms in the tasting room! 
has been a bartender at CKBC since 2012 and CKBC's longest employee. She used to be "former Brew Club member #36". Kristin has enjoyed beer for many years in Toledo, Ohio and has learned what real craft beer is made of in Denver. Copper Kettle has made some of her favorite beers, like the Winter Spice and the Saison. But besides beer, Kristin enjoys playing volleyball, running, movies and music. Kristin is currently in grad school. (Our regulars call her "K2")​
is Copper Kettle's tasting room manager since 2012. Born and raised in Florida, Paul found his passion through home brewing while in college. Quick to spread his knowledge of beer styles, proper pouring techniques, and passion of the craft beer industry, he uprooted from Orlando and made the trek to Colorado. He is an equal opportunity ambassador of all beer styles. Paul has tried 1,000s of beers from across the world. He is a Cicerone Certified ™ Beer Handler and Server. Ask him about his favorites!
Mexican Chocolate Stout
GABF 2011 Gold Medal 
Herb & Spice Category
Best Brewery for Neighbors
Westword Best of Denver 2012
Voted Top Ten Breweries in Denver by USA Today 2014
Weekly Cask Updates
is CKBC's lead bartender and part time marketing & special events coordinator at CKBC since 2013. She is a transplant from Florida, but has lived in Colorado for a few years now. Julia loves it here and is never moving back! She enjoys hiking with her pup, Harley, and completed several 14ers. She was previously a restaurant manager and is enjoying being away from food and talking to people about great beer.
has been Copper Kettle's brewery dog since 2013. Charlie is known for his quick dashes into the tap room to say hi to the regulars or anyone willing to call his name really. Charlie is a rescue dog who loves the great outdoors, especially the off the leash dog parks or just hanging out on patio with his brewery dog friends. If you see Charlie around, call his name and he'll be sure to swing on by for a neck scratch. Charlie's Golden Strong, available in year round bombers, was named after him.
is a brewer at Copper Kettle since 2014 and holds the title of "Master of the Firkin' Universe", with his crazy fun firkins he creates. Phil holds an Associate Degree in Brewing from Siebel Institute of Technology in addition to a degree in Biology. He has lived in California, Germany, and Chicago. He has two young kids and as a Colorado native, spends his free time cycling, snowboarding, and ... well, drinking beer! 
has been a bartender/server at CKBC since February of 2014. Born in Chicago, raised outside of Atlanta, and eventually found his passion for beer while living in Orlando. In February 2013, his wife, Elise and him decided to pack up everything they owned, and venture west. He can be found in the mountains hiking, snowboarding, or just taking in the breathtaking beauty that is Colorado. He is a Cicerone Certified ™ Beer Handler and Server.
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is CKBC's sales representative and the newest member of the Copper Kettle team since 2015. Kelly is originally from Georgia, but has been in Colorado for over a decade. He holds a degree in Sociology and loves fitness, including long distance running, weight training and snowboarding, as well as music, chess, sci-fi and video games. Kelly's favorite styles of beer are Belgians and Stouts. His laugh is contagious around the brewery and brings a great energy to the brewery.